Seafood Trends

Seafood Trends, What’s Next

2020 is fast approaching and this year is drawing to a close – not only the year, but the decade. It’s a great time to honor the incredible changes we’ve seen amongst many food categories and to glimpse the future. What particular trends have we seen in seafood, and are there any hints of what’s to come?

The “naughty or nice list” in seafood is a long one, but we’ve identified four trends that we believe have staying power— protein-centric foods, global flavors, the continued importance of sustainability and convenience — and a look forward to the continued bloom of plant-based foods.

Protein-Centric Foods

High protein diets are still going, with many consumers having made significant shifts to their daily meals.  Mintel released a recent report citing the growth in use of protein for health and wellness.  Embraced by a range of demographics, protein has seen the evolution from athletes to everyday consumers who are looking to seafood to pack in protein.

Salt & Sky is proud to offer many high protein meals and snacks, from seafood entrees to appetizers like Lobster Mac & Cheese Bites, rich in nutrients and flavor.

Globally Inspired Influence

As the world gets smaller in accessibility and awareness increases, shoppers continue to be better informed, and are looking for options that are inspired by other culinary cultures.

Seafood offers the perfect platform to marry traditional favorites with a new global twist.

Our Salt & Sky branded products are crafted in partnership with chefs who are committed to quality ingredients and to exploring flavors from around the world. Our Seafood Flatbreads, Scallop Gnocchi and new Gluten Free Steam Bags draw on global cultures around the world and offer a wonderful culinary experience right in your own kitchen.

360 Degree Sustainability

Making the planet a priority isn’t a passing fad, but instead, a real truth we all celebrate.  In fact, consumers are more conscious than ever of the importance of earth friendly packaging materials, reduction of plastic, sustainably sourced ingredients and third-party, independently established credibility and certifications.

We feel the same way and are proud to have introduced reduced plastic packaging for our gluten free steam bag line, utilizing 42% paper packaging.  As part of our commitment, we are pleased to be partnering with the (FSC) Forest Stewardship Council, to source and pack using only sustainable sourced and recyclable paperboard and that practice will continue as we seek new, earth friendly packaging options.

In addition, the majority of our lobster and scallops that make up our delicious value add products are certified by MSC (Marine Stewardship Council), a rigorous, science-based standard that is the world’s most recognized standard for environmentally sustainable, wild-caught seafood.  To us, 360 sustainability — building strategic partnerships to exceed industry standards for the good of our shared planet — is a non-negotiable. It’s simply the right thing to do.

Simple to Prepare

Consumers are busy and want meal options that are delicious and wholesome, while being incredibly easy to prepare.  Simplicity of preparation is key.

Frozen foods are making a comeback in this space. For years, fresh foods were seen as the standard for health and flavor, but according to “Power of Frozen” report from the American Frozen Food Institute (AFFI) and the Food Marketing Institute (FMI), the frozen food aisle is in the midst of a strong comeback. Contributing $9.2 billion annually, frozen entrees still take the lead, while snacking items like appetizers/snack rolls are up 5.8 % in dollar growth.  These changes equate to more than 9.8 billion meals were made with frozen, heat-and-eat foods last year, a fact from a top ten US research firm, NPD Group.

Our Salt & Sky frozen products fit the simplicity check box perfectly — from bowls and bites to flatbreads and our new gluten free steam bags, delicious meals in 8 minutes from freezer to table.

2020 Plant Nation

What does 2020 hold? One trend that we’re watching closely, and actively pursuing, is the rise of plant-based foods. From the increased use of plant replacements from everything to bread, pasta and traditional proteins, plant-based is on everyone’s mind and many people’s plates.

Sustainably harvested, responsibly processed, wild-caught seafood will always be an important option. But seafood can easily be combined with new plant-based alternatives available to today’s culinary innovators.  Our research and development teams at Salt & Sky are already working on smart ways to incorporate more plant-based foods into our products, with the goal of enhancing protein, sustainability, convenience and of course, taste.

As consumers are more aware than ever of climate change and alternative options to feed our growing populations, our society is looking for better options.  Better for our food offerings, better for our families, better for our bodies and better for the earth.  Salt & Sky is looking towards the future and planting seeds for a #betterfor2020

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